Vulnerability and the ProFreshNess of being REAL

Working in the fashion and beauty industry gives me a firsthand view of just how much fake-ness goes into most of the media we are exposed to.  My Facebook status just yesterday asked where I could find a great spray tan place for an upcoming swimwear shoot.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about my friend’s comment that they threw in a few bonus airbrushed abs.  And as I pack my hair extensions, get my acrylic toenails glued on, and sit for hours being made up for camera, I am often reminded of how refreshing it is to sit around in a completely unsexy sweatsuit and take in the moments where I get to be 100% myself.  Like right now for example.

I’ve recently started to recognize just how important it is to find the courage to be vulnerable. It allows us to connect to others on a much deeper level, and to know that we are not alone in whatever it is that we struggle with.  So when my girl Christina recently moved to L.A. from the big apple, I knew I had to pick her brain (on video duh) and find out how she does such a great job of promoting realness, vulnerability, and overall epicness on her world famous blog proFRESHstyle.

Check out my interview with Christina above as she talks about why she feels it is important to share so much of herself, how opening up about her sexual assault brought her even closer to her readers, and how she finds balance between comedy and sensitivity.

And then check out our collaboration over on Christina’s page where she teaches me how to properly use Bay Area slang.  Cashin’ out all over the place…

  • http://www.profreshstyle.com/ Christina of Profresh Style

    Yeah boy yeahhhhh!

  • http://neoboha.blogspot.com/ Tyne Swedish

    Christina is s fantastic! I adore her blog both for her amazing fashion and her realness. She will always make you laugh. She is beautiful and I don’t just mean her face! Her body is great and the way she styles it is to die for. I currently fit a size 10/12 and I love the way she retains her sexiness. I just notice that I tend to cover myself up a great deal to hide my body under so many layers to pretend it isn’t there, because this size is new to me. It is smaller then I was around the end of college but I am used to being a size 8 or 6. I am now trying to love my body as well as eating healthier and regaining my active lifestyle (i used to run and walk miles everyday).